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Posted by Delfina Wyble on December 07, 2015

Kickin’ It Off! The IP Booter Way

Kicking people off of their modems is something you would want to do, isn’t it? Look, I’m not going to lecture you on how wrong or right it happens to be, you’re a person of your own making and can determine whether you want to do something or not. If you really want to IP Boot somebody, you’re going to need common knowledge on the subject, or even just somebody who has already done it before – they’ll be able to show you the way of the “IP Booting Jedi” for sure. Whatever you want to use the process for, just remember one thing: someone is going to be negatively affected by your actions. If you still don’t care, well, that probably makes you a really terrible person – but that’s relatively okay, as we need terrible people in this world to balance things out (just kidding!).

With information like this, you can really understand what IP Booting is all about. Once you understand what people are trying to accomplish, you’ll realize just how useful the process can be. Not only that, but it just might save you in a dire situation. A lot of people use this technique only in a “last stand” sort of effort, so you won’t see all too often (unless the person just has no remorse and is ripping through modems let and right).

It takes a decent amount of resources to actually get the IP Booting process up and running, you’ll need an abundance of “extra connections” in order to overload a persons modem or router. Without them, your efforts won’t mean much.

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We have been looking at hundreds of IP stressers and booters and are glad to announce the best booter has been finalized! Booter, also known as Booter.CA, has been the most reliable source for our users to stress test IP addresses from a web panel.

The Perfect Example

The perfect example of IP Booting would apply to something of a sports game. In these games, it’s either you win or you lose, it’s very plain cut and dry. With an IP Booter, you’ll never lose another game ever again. All you have to do is boot the opponent off of their connection, and you’ll be left with the win. A lot of people are complaining about this all over the internet, mostly in forums that dedicate themselves to video games and such. It’s a tactic that has been around for a while, but hasn’t been used this much, essentially ever. I’ve been using computers for well over 10 years, and this is the most IP Booting I’ve ever come across (when talking about 2015).

You don’t want to be the victim, but you also probably wouldn’t want to IP Boot anybody just for the fun of it. If you’ve got a legitimate reason, I understand why you would want to do something like this – I’m just not sure how I would feel it it were any other way. I’ve been through a lot during my time on the internet, I’ve had my fair share of viruses and hacks; this is clearly one of the more annoying ones to deal with, though. It attacks your internet, not your computer!

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