Online Guitar Lessons vs Local Guitar Lessons

Posted by Delfina Wyble on October 23, 2015
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Once in a while an individual has that desire to learn how to play a musical instrument. Whether it’s because of passion for music or just the need to have an enjoyable pass-time activity, learning how to play a musical instrument is always bound to have its challenges. Even if a person is talented enough, there are the basics which must be taught by professionals who give regular lessons to those willing and ready to learn. To be really good at playing a musical instrument requires one to consistently practice even if there is clear indication of natural ability and also to have the opportunity to learn from good teachers who would help them improve on their skills.

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The guitar is one such musical instrument that interests a lot of people. Maybe it is because those who can play the guitar are usually considered cool more so among the young generation. Carrying a guitar briefcase has made many a young men the centers of attention especially from their female counterparts. But why shouldn’t they be? It isn’t easy being mister fancy fingers; it takes great skill to properly play a guitar. To play skillfully, one needs to first learn the basics from the professionals.

guitar-guyThere are usually places within one’s locality where guitar lessons are taught at a fee. At such centers, students and teachers get to physically interact and learn from each other. The lessons are usually scheduled at different times within the week and learners get to pick classes which suit them. Due to the presence of a supervisor, only serious learning takes place during lesson hours. The local guitar lessons also have other advantages such as students who are slow learners receiving special attention from the teachers, students being physically shown how to hold the guitar and not to mention the personal relationships that students and tutors develop.

Online guitar lessons are very common these days and can be accessed even for free. They are cost effective and the students can choose to learn at their own convenience. The online lessons also have interaction forums where students from all over the world can interact and share ideas. Such forums allow students to engage each other and discuss the challenges they face as well as share tips on ways to improve. The online guitar lessons also give students the opportunity to learn from various professionals with great experience, effectively gaining guitar playing skills from some of the world’s greats.

When comparing online guitar lessons vs local guitar lessons, it is important to note that both have their advantages and likewise disadvantages. For instance while online guitar lessons are cheap and very flexible, local guitar lessons are expensive and have specific timelines. Online guitar lessons also accord students the opportunity to learn from the best and interact with students from all over the world while the same is not always true for local guitar lessons. However, local guitar lessons have one major advantage over the online lessons and that is the personal interactions with teachers which goes a long way in helping the students learn especially the ones with difficulties.

At the end of the day, online classes are most suitable for fast learners with natural talent while regular local guitar lessons are highly recommended for the students with learning difficulty or with no musical background.

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