Tips For Perfect Winter Scenery

Posted by Delfina Wyble on November 08, 2015

Winter is with no doubt here. During winter it might seem that we have too much to worry about that our landscaping matters little. However, the amount of money and time we spent on landscaping should not be all in vain. Just like any other season we should take care of our landscapes and come spring, we will surely enjoy the beauty that lie below the snow.

Due to the experiences that HML Landscape Construction and Maintenance has had in Edmonton Alberta landscaping, the city of Columbus government has shown interest in their works. They have asked them to give the best tips on doing proper landscaping for the winter month. It is in this way that the government hopes to save millions of dollars and still keep the beauty of the city.

Canada faces some of the most severe and prolonged winters in the world.

Through this HML Landscape Construction and Maintenance has had a lot to learn about Edmonton landscaping. Below are some of their tips to do proper landscapes for winter months.

1. Think evergreen.winter evergreens
Most plant will remain dormant in the most of winter. Evergreens are plants that keep foliage in all seasons. These are therefore very important to give your landscape some life during winter. Winter months also presents a unique opportunity to shop for this kind of plants.

2. Prune in winter.
While doing Edmonton landscaping jobs, HML Landscape Construction and Maintenance learned that the best time to prune is winter. At this time most plants and shrubs are dormant. It is therefore the best time to prune. When the season is over the plants will easily become active again without much change.

spread mulching3. Spread the mulch.
Spreading mulch around your plant will do a good deal in preserving soil moisture. Mulch also helps roots develop around the stalk of plants. Once it rots it will provide manure for the plant.

4. Don’t interfere with injured plants.
Any plant that is damaged by winter should not be interfered with. Pruning or trying to transplant could even lead to a plant’s death.

5. Fertilize your plants.
Since not all plants are dormant in this season it is good to fertilize them. Through Edmonton landscaping projects, HML Landscape Construction and Maintenance staff learned that spring is the blossoming season for fruits plants. It will be therefore noble to fertilize them at late winter. Grass also requires fertilizer during this season to regain its energy and grow again.

These are some of the tips that will help the city of Columbus keep our landscape in a good health during winter. Below is a video that will help Columbus locals keep their lawns looking their best during the winter.

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