Moving A Mobile Home From Columbus To West Virginia

Posted by Jesus Gomez on May 08, 2021
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Mobile homes are very common, especially in a lot of US cities. According to a record, nearly 5.6% of the population uses mobile homes as part of their residential and travelling needs. Besides the ease of portability, its main advantage is its flexibility. This is why moving a mobile home is a very important part and a vital local business. In this article, we will discuss what you need if you want to move a mobile home from Columbus to West Virginia.

Since so many individuals live in mobile homes, the idea of moving is a topic that is becoming more mainstream. In view of this, it is important to know what resources need to be allocated to moving mobile homes, and how laws affect them.

While moving a mobile home from Columbus to West Virginia, consideration must be given to certain factors. Here are a few:

Prepare Your Home With Everything You Need

The first thing is to get it all together in terms of your belongings. In order to get your home ready for the move, you will need to take care of many things. As we mentioned earlier, your movers will be helping you separate the pieces and lift the house to its foundations.

To make sure that the homes don’t fly open on the way, you need to secure all openings.

Get The Moving Permit

Moving isn’t as simple as picking up and leaving your home. There are a variety of steps you have to follow to acquire a moving permit in various states and counties. 

Before you move, make sure you reserve plenty of time to get your permit organized in case the process takes longer than expected—you don’t want your moving day to be disrupted by slow paperwork or approvals.

Moving A Mobile Home From Columbus To West Virginia

Get A Moving Company To Do It

Relocating with a mobile home requires the help of a licensed, bonded, and insured moving company. That’s because moving a mobile home is governed by state and local laws on moving mobile homes. Search our free online database for movers near you in Columbus, then call them directly to get a quote and verify whether they have the skill set, truck, or equipment to move your home.

Choosing a moving company is much like applying for a permit. So you should take your time for research, and you should request as many quotes as possible to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Make It Happen

Moving your mobile home to another state is much more manageable if you take it all step-by-step. Columbus is 249 miles away from West Virginia. You can make it possible if you follow the proper rules.

Packing up your belongings is an important part of moving. Our packing tips for mobile homes will let you know what to do.


To avoid fines and penalties, it is recommended that you obtain a moving permit before hiring a moving company. Without it, they cannot be of assistance to you. It is best to do research on moving companies beforehand, but choose one and hire them on moving day.


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