Companies in Columbus That Specialize In App Development

Posted by Delfina Wyble on November 10, 2015
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developerApp development is the process of making or designing application software that are suited for various purposes. They can be mobile, PC, Web app and many more. The software is normally developed to handle certain problems. In other words, they are solutions to common problems.

In Columbus, Ohio, various tech companies are dedicated to developing apps to solve most problems. If you though New York and Silicone Valley are the only top Cities with tech companies. Well, you should reevaluate, as Columbus is the next big thing. This has been made possible through the rising innovation and potential in the city. Various institutions such as The Ohio State University, Battelle, Wendy’s, among others have shown tremendous contributions towards the high tech rise. Furthermore, the environment is High Tech friendly and this as seen most innovators coming to invest in Columbus. This article describes some app development companies in Columbus.

The top recommended app developer.  They aren’t necessarily located in Columbus, but being that they are virtual, you can easily access their services.

824 E Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104

Phone: (702) 608-6367

Switch box Inc.

This company will listen to your problem and from scratch develop the app to offer solution to it. They have vast network of clients both in Columbus and in the surrounding environs.


They offer various Columbus application solutions. They deal in custom software services and they have a 24/7 customer support. They have an efficient business and workflow at minimal costs.

Marxent Labs

Found in AMF, OH, United States, this firm deal in multi-platform app development. They are one of the best in Augmented Reality mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. They also deal in custom apps for various reasons such as trade shows, books, catalogs, among others. they have worked with various companies such as Heineken, Moosejaw, Emerson etc. Some of their apps include Lowe’s , AZEK Building Products , HammacherSchlemmer, etc.

DXY Solutions, LLC

Located in Columbus, DXY solutions develop mostly mobile software. They have an innovative, and creative team that provides powerful solutions for big businesses, companies,organizations, including individuals that employ mobile devices. They have developed software such as Cleveland Clinic MyCare, among others.

Red Hawk Technologies

This is another company in Columbus that deals with app development. They are determined to develop revolutionizing and innovative web and mobile apps that are meant to create new revenue streams for their customers. They develop their apps based on their business and marketing experiences. Their app development experience is extensive for instance they have expertise in developing apps with client IP, data sources, and enterprise platforms. Some of their apps include Storopack, Luberfiner, Storopack Protective Packaging App, among others.


They are renowned as the award winning web and mobile app development company. They offer tech solutions from scratch to the end.

There are various companies in Columbus that deal in app development. The above mentioned are just a few of them. Overall, they all develop apps with one purpose, to solve solutions to tech problems. –

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