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Posted by Delfina Wyble on October 23, 2015
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interpreter-imageThe existence of different languages, to some extent limits effective communication between people of different tribes, races, and ethnic origin. Different people, from different countries or sometimes within the same countries like in most African countries use different languages. Unless there is a standard language, communication will be ineffective in these people. For instance, a Chinese or Japanese nationality who cannot communicate in English will find it difficult to fit in an American setting where the language of communication is purely English. The disadvantages of the language barrier are clear.

The need for an interpreter service in countries such U.S is growing as a result of immigration. It is for these reasons many institutions have risen to offer language interpretation and translation services in different cities and towns in America. For instance, in a city like Columbus, in the state of Ohio, there are so many language interpreter companies whose aim is to solve the language barriers between Foreigners and Americans. These Companies hires multilingual individuals to help the foreigners who cannot communicate in English. The services of each company differ depending on experience, specialization and the number of language interpreters they have. With so many companies offering language interpretation services in Columbus, it is important to select the best one that will meet your communication needs efficiently. Some of the best interpreter services found in Columbus Ohio includes:

  1. Chang-Castillo and Associates:  A top provider of interpreters in the Columbus area.  All languages offered at a solid price with an outstanding reputation.
  2. ASIST Translation Services Inc: it is one of the best companies in Columbus that offers language interpretation and translation services. The company offers translation and interpretation of about 240 languages with Spanish, Somali, ASL, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese being the most requested languages. Their specialties include business, medical, legal interpretation, website localization and globalization and multimedia.
  3. Language Accuse Network: they offer interpretation services for languages of 210 languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Nepali, ASL, and Burmese among others. Their specialties include remote video interpretations, medical translations, and language services and consulting.
  4. Accessible Translation Solution: it offers interpretation services for over 150 languages spoken worldwide. Their most requested languages include Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Somali. They specialize in medical Business and legal translations.
  5. TransPerfect Translations: the company offers interpretation for over 200 languages with German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and French being the most common translations.
  6. Access 2 Interpreters LLC: They do medical, legal, education, and manufacturing interpretation and translations. Their most requested translation includes Amharic, Somali, Spanish, ASL, Nepali, and Arabic.
  7. Hallenross and Associates, LLC: One of the best companies in Columbus that specialize in sign language interpretation and professional development. They also offer website sign language instruction.

These are just a few of the language translation and interpretation companies in Columbus, Ohio. There are many more other companies offering this service. As mentioned above, each company differ from the other in terms of experience, the number of languages translated and the field or area of specialization-medical, legal, business, or education. As a person in need of language interpretation services, take your time and select the company with a good reputation and covers your area of interest.



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