The Best Gyms in Columbus Ohio That Sell Supplements

Posted by Delfina Wyble on October 26, 2015
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fitIn addition to having a wide range of gyms, many of the best gyms in Columbus, Ohio also sell supplements. Westside Barbell, Crossfit Grandview, and The Fitness Loft are among Ohio’s best-rated gyms.

Here is a list of the best gyms of 2015.

Westside Barbell

In addition to being one of the most elite training facilities in Columbus, Westside Barbell is also invitation-online. Power lifter Louie Simmons started the gym after a flourishing career that has lasted more than 30 years. This gym sells Tricore Amino Acids with BCAAs for essential muscle growth and recovery, Conjugate Whole Body Protein powder, and Escape Recovery Protein, among many other types. After a hard session of powerlifting at this extremely well-furnished gym, you can be sure that you’ll be able to refuel with the best supplements sold right in the gym. Westside is known to be one of the best gyms in Columbus Ohio.  A great gym along with a list of the top testosterone boosters here.

Shape Fitness

Shape Fitness 24 Hours at 33 N. Grant Ave in Columbus provides fitness classes, premium equipment, and supplements as well. At Shape Fitness, trainers are nationally certified and dedicated to their goal of allowing each client to achieve their personal workout capacity. The gym’s passion is to transform peoples’ lives using the best workout techniques with optimal fitness methods, proper form, and sound training plans. The gym sells supplements and recovery formulas so that at the end of your workout, you can be sure to fuel up on premium ingredients for your body type.

Crossfit Grandview

Crossfit Grandview is another Columbus gym promising strength, condition and community as part of the growing Crossfit movement. The classes taught at this facility allow you to program your workouts as you wish trained by great staff who are professional and efficient. The gym also hosts challenges and parties for all their members. In addition, they sell most of the major supplements available in stores so you can refuel and power your workouts like the pros. To work out at one of the best gyms in Columbus Ohio, give Crossfit Grandview a try.

The Fitness Loft

Check out The Fitness Loft in Columbus for a truly stellar gym and supplement experience. The facilities are clean, staff members are available, and the machines are spotless. You can actually load your workout on your phone and watch videos to show you how to get through your workout at an optimal pace. After you’re finished, the Alchemy juice bar located right there in the facility lets you refuel and purchase any supplements you’d like to after your workout.

The Spot Athletics

The Spot Athletics is another great Columbus gym that sells supplements. The staff will guide you through everything from lifting and using equipment to using proper form and being safe while working out. Even if you start out overweight and out of shape, you can totally transform your whole life at the Spot Athletics. Additionally, they do sell supplements such as protein powder, weight gain boosters, recovery formulas, and performance enhancers if you would like to give yourself that extra push during your workouts. Many users of this gym report starting out with poor mobility and flexibility and noticing that after a few months of working out here, their results — and form — improved exponentially. The Spot Athletics is undoubtedly one of the best gyms in Columbus Ohio, with user reviews ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars every time.

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